What our clients are saying


Hey James,
Thanks for the great work on the ring.


You were really great to work with and really helped walk us through the process with great patience and understanding.


I think you and Michelle work really well together and it was a pleasure working with you two.

Thanks again! 

Here is a picture of Christina enjoying the ring!

Ken and Christina


Ken & Christina


I purchased an engagement ring and wedding band from Mobius Jewelry Design

after looking at a couple of retail stores to see what prices and trade prices were like with my fiancée.

I was able to keep the diamond from my mother's engagement ring

and have it placed in my fiancée's engagement ring designed by James and Michelle.


They took me though the steps of how the engagement ring and matching wedding band would look through 3-D modeling. A casting was made to see if engravings made on the inside of the bands would weaken the integrity of the ring and to see how it would look before the actual final product would turn out to make adjustments. James and Michelle walked me through each process to make sure that I had the final products that my fiancée and myself wanted via text and e-mail. When James and Michelle showed us the finished product it was much better than the rendered models of castings of the rings.


The polish, fit and finish were incredible.

They restored the original diamond from my mother's ring to an indelible brilliance.


I was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship.


This was my first big jewelry purchase and James and Michelle made it an excellent and enjoyable experience. My fiancée thought that the craftsmanship was comparable to the rings in the Tiffany Jewelry counter at the fraction of the price. James and Michelle were also able to save me a couple of hundred dollars on savings from what I had expected to spend. Their treatment of their customers is exceptional and thoughtful.

Izuru and Thuy


If you're looking to add something special to your jewelry collection,


I highly recommend working with James and Michelle.


They worked with us to create a custom engagement ring. They were able to take our verbal descriptions and images and turn them into something completely unique and beautiful. Three dimensional renderings and 3D printed samples help ensure you know what to expect. They are very knowledgeable, patient and willing to educate on material and stone options.


Working with them was a truly gracious experience.


As an added bonus, they are extremely nice people who we now consider friends. We will be back to work with them again!

Amy and Cat



James and Michelle helped my now-husband and I design my beautiful wedding band.

My engagement ring was a custom design done by another jewelry store, so the tricky thing was designing a wedding band that would match it well, especially with its particular design.

In our case, they had an image of my engagement ring as a reference. We sat down together and they helped us select the right baguettes and round diamonds to go into my band. We met several times to go over the CAD image (not sure if that is the right term, but basically a 3D image on James' computer) to make sure I liked the design.

Once I approved the design, they printed out a 3D version and had the ring made to my specifications.

As a result, I have a beautiful band that matches my engagement ring.


I am so in love with it. 


The nice thing is the band looks great on its own, in the case that I choose not to wear my engagement ring for the day.
They also designed a beautiful rose gold and Tahitian pearl necklace and ring set for me. J

ames designed the set from scratch with very little input from me. I basically gave him a vague idea of what I wanted by pulling some Google images and within minutes, he had drawn up a design that I loved.

We happened to provide the Tahitian pearls (M & J can help you find the gem or pearls that you need as well) and James set to work on the pendant and the ring. He was able to find a beautiful thin rose gold box chain that complemented the pendant wonderfully.

He even designed the pendant so it does not turn around while wearing it -- I had expressed concern during the design phase that the heaviness of the pendant might cause it to flip over constantly.

Whether you want a cocktail ring or an engagement ring,


James and Michelle can help you design something you love.


Fun fact: Michelle has a special talent for determining your ring size to the nearest half size, just by holding your finger!

Prepare to be AMAZED!




They designed my engagement ring, which was amazing!


The detail and design was exactly what I wanted.


They really listen to what you want in the design and take you step by step through the process.


Compared to other jewelry places the uniqueness in your piece is beyond compare. And in talking to them about additional design pieces the prices are amazing!



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